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I empower people and businesses to do what they need and want to do through training and support for technology products and solutions.  One of my hobbies and passions is to learn about new things, whether they are business, technology, religion or any other topic.  As a result of my experience both in the field as an engineer and as a business owner, I have a great deal of information I can share to help others learn from me for a change.  I admit I do not know everything, but I do know more than many and less than others so feel free to travel with me along this journey of education.

There are three ways to obtain my help and support.

  1. You can watch my YouTube tutorials for free.  I am constantly adding to my channel so please be sure to subscribe.
  2. I can do Remote Support for you for a fee (Windows Only).  See Pricing
  3. I can come to your home or place of business to provide support.  Email for more information (travel expenses may apply)