I help businesses grow and transition by solving problems no one else will take on.  If you are not part of the solution, you might just be part of the problem.


Having varied and deep experience in both business and technology, I approach client issues from a business analyst perspective to solve complex needs in unique ways.  Being a trusted adviser to the business owners and shareholders is my first priority, while working diligently to make everyone’s job easier and increase productivity.

I use a methodical approach to every problem, task, and project with utmost consideration for the surrounding factors and conditions.  Always keeping site of the goal, I never lose site of what may be in the peripheral vision, whether it is related to Information Technology, business matters, training, or other consulting services I am providing.  Troubleshooting issues, whether technical, logistical, or otherwise, is my passion and I believe my ability to to apply solid logic to any issue by using the PAPER Method brings resolution and advancement to any business.