Efficiency 101

There are many misconceptions in the world today regarding Project Management (PM).  The biggest mistake I witness is usually someone trying to use PM tools that are overkill for their needs.  In the small/medium business market, most projects are nothing more than tasks, sub-tasks, followup items, documents, emails, etc.  A true project manager has undergone extensive education, testing and experience, likely managing projects measuring in tens of millions of dollars.  These individuals usually carry certifications such as Six Sigma, PMP or others.  To give you an idea of the requirements of such programs, if you do not have a Bachelor’s Degree prior to taking the PMP exam, you are required to have at least 7,500 hours of PM experience in addition to other prerequisites.

For the average person who works in a small or medium business (and many large businesses), the difficulty with PM comes with personal organization and efficiency, as well as communication with others.  Without those qualities, the smallest of projects can fail miserably. Personally, I use a few different software tools along with certain methods and routines to keep my projects in check and under control.  Working with several different projects for different customers at one time can be exhausting without the proper tools and methods in place.  Software applications, web sites, mobile applications and other tools are great–if you use them effectively.  The problem for most people, however, is they lack the internal mechanism they need to be productive.  Without that trait, whether learned or innate, the tools can be useless or even cumbersome.  Are you organized and truly efficient?  Can you think logically without influences from external sources?  Without those qualities, effectively communicating with others  is even more difficult and the benefit of available tools cannot be maximized.  How much more productive could you or your company be if every employee were taught how to think more logically and organize themselves to be more efficient?

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