Forced Change – Part 1

Change is something many people do not handle well, especially when it comes to their work environment.  Change is often good in the long-term, but not immediately recognized as a positive thing by those who are forced to change.  Sometimes you have to open your eyes and look beyond the immediate and local impact to you, personally.  I have witnessed many changes in companies that cause employees to be unhappy for a period of time, then things settle down and ultimately everyone gets back to work as normal.  In most of these cases there is a larger picture to be seen.  What makes someone’s job seemingly more difficult in the beginning might well have a positive effect on the company’s performance, which could end up being a benefit to everyone when it comes to job perks, health benefits or even simple job security.  Sometimes employers and business owners have to force a change to happen because they know the bulk of employees will not agree with their decision and they do so knowing they risk losing an employee.  If you’re faced with this decision as an employee, put yourself in the shoes of the decision maker–it’s not that they don’t care what you think or if you leave your job, but rather, their decision was important enough to the company to take that risk.

Always be a team player, it’s the safe route to keeping your job and getting more in the end.  Being flexible is not kissing up to your boss, it’s about growing as a person and a professional.

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