Lesson: Instant Coffee

I had my first cup of coffee at 26 years old.  I hated the taste, so it took an extreme amount of sugar and creme to make it tolerable.  I did  however, enjoy the caffeine.  Over time I became more accustomed to the taste of the coffee, but I still rely on sugar, creme and syrups to turn my coffee into something more like a dessert.  I had always been led to believe instant coffee was a horrible joke gone wrong and to have a really good coffee you had to use freshly ground beans.  I have to admit, a cup of coffee made from fresh ground Columbian beans is pretty incredible.

About a month ago I was in London, England and the hotel only provided instant Nescafé coffee in the rooms with an electric tea pot so I had no choice but to drink it if I wanted my morning dose of go-juice.  Boy, was I ever surprised by the taste.  Sure it’s not a cup of fresh Columbian ground coffee, but was I ever impressed with the taste along with the time and ease to make it.  In fact, one of the first things I did when I returned home was pick up a jar of Nescafé at the grocery store.

The lesson I learned about instant coffee can be applied to many things in every day life.  After high school I worked several years in the retail electronics industry which was filled with manufacturers’ sales reps.  Their job was to convince you their products were better than the others.  Every time one of the reps would visit, I would literally watch the other sales reps start pushing their products for several days afterward, using all the lingo they were brainwashed with.  For some reason I was never affected by the reps abilities to steer thoughts and opinions.  I always stayed true to my own opinions on the products which were based on facts, specifications, reviews, and my own experience.  I had to ask myself, “Why would I think differently about coffee?”  Which then made me realize, I may have had many other things in life that were wrongly influenced.  I may have missed out on a lot of things I would have enjoyed.  Step it up a few degrees and it is entirely possible I may have missed out on something that could have changed my life in ways one could only ever dream because I was influenced by what someone else had to say.

We all have have moments where we say to ourselves, “I should have listened.”  Have you ever experienced a time when you realize you should not have listened to someone?

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