Peaks and Valleys

For the past several months I was caught in what I call “Thought Paralysis”, which is not the same as “Analysis Paralysis”.  Analysis Paralysis is when someone analyzes a situation or event so much they become unproductive and unable to make progress.  My situation was more about looking at everything from different angles but never being able to make it to the next step, more like what authors experience as Writer’s Block.  For years I have relied on instincts and logic to make decisions in both my professional and personal life, but the past several months I was trying to find something that required neither instincts nor logic.  I was trying to unlock the secret to my potential with my career, which is based more on experience and desire than education.

During a recent conversation with a client and dear friend, something clicked.  Whether it was something that was said or a mere coincidence, I realized my lack of productivity did not stem from the software applications I was using to manage my time, it was my own failure to harness the basic principles that made me successful and productive in the past.  For the past several years I had always told myself I would always trust my instinct and no matter how many times I say it, the very basis of what made me who I am today remains one of the greatest challenges to follow.  Take a long hard look at what you do on a day-to-day basis.  Are you as productive as you have been in the past on any given project or job?  Chances are, you have had peaks and valleys in your career and personal life.  What did it take to create those peaks?  How did you end up in the valleys?  You may just find the answers to your questions by simply looking at what you have done many times in the past.  The only thing that moves forward on its own is time.

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