Purging Data as Protection

As years have passed, the amount of data a company amasses can be overwhelming.  I recently had discussions with a client who’s service provider was trying to get them to purchase more off-site storage because their backups had grown far beyond the size of their backup tapes.  However, when we scanned the data folders most of this data had not been accessed or modified in three years or longer.  We decided to back up the data to a safe medium and store it in multiple locations and reduce the working data to what was being used regularly.  This resulted in reducing their backups by more than 78%.  Additionally, it may have even removed legal liability in some cases.  Some of the data was very old and beyond retention requirements so they were able to delete it.  In many legal cases if data that should have been purged and destroyed was not, it can be used as evidence.

Think before you make decisions to spend more money.  It can be a real saver for your time, money AND your business.

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