Quality Service

I just spent a few days in Las Vegas to attend MAGIC (fashion convention) and we stayed at Luxor in the Pyramid.  I have to say the experience was less than desirable.  The hotel needs renovated in a bad way and most importantly, their staff and management need training desperately.  Twice in one day I complained about issues with the elevators then the following day, my wife was stuck in one of the very elevators we complained about for nearly a half-hour while their management and maintenance staff were clueless.  Following that ordeal, I had to complain three times to speak to a member of upper management.

In most situations you would expect an apology in person, maybe a free dinner, a couple show tickets or something of the like for the trouble we experienced.  Even after speaking face-to-face with a director, the most we received was a voice mail apology.  I was asked, “What can we do for you?”  In my opinion that is the wrong question.  In fact, they should not have asked any questions. They simply should have said, “Here is something for your trouble.”  That’s the difference in quality establishment–the good ones don’t ask, they just take care of you and make you a loyal customer.  Other’s do not care because they know someone else was checking into that room as soon as they could get me out of there.