What if disaster strikes your business?

Disasters come in all forms and sizes ranging from natural disasters, power failures, hardware and software failures, human error and more. If your business suffered a significant outage tomorrow, where would you start the recovery process? Do you know basic yet critical information such as:

  • Administrative passwords to servers and hardware
  • Addresses schemes and device addresses
  • Phone numbers to your critical vendors
  • Account numbers to your utilities, Internet provider and phone companies
  • Network diagrams

Beyond these items, do you even have a documented process on how your various critical data is backed up and how to restore it? Over the years I have had many clients ask for step-by-step data restore procedures and I have rarely provided them because data restores should only be performed by a seasoned professional. However, if the processes are documented, they should be able to be performed by any seasoned professional.

If a disaster closed the doors to your business tomorrow, do you have what you need to start rebuilding within 24 hours or less?  Right now, what would it cost you to be fully functional within a short period of time? Are the people and vendors you rely on trained and ready to react to such an event?

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