Break It Down

When faced with a very large and new project, many people are able to at least visualize the expected outcome and start to break down the parts of the project it will take to achieve the desired results.  Sometimes a project may not be planned or the project may be “clean up” of a mess or disorganized situation.  Those projects are often the most difficult because we tend to look at them and say, “Where do I even begin to fix this?”  The key is to work backwards just like it is a new project.  Think of the desired outcome first.  The difference is rather than implementing or assembling something new, we have to fix small parts at a time.  Start with a small section and make a list of what needs to be accomplished and when you are finished with that, move on to the next part.  Before you know it, you will have broken down the entire project and have it ready for prioritization and dependency checking.  Being able to break things down to a simplistic form is not a skill everyone possesses.  If you have that skill, do something with it and make things happen.

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