Facebook “Active Sessions” Hoax

There is a new Facebook hoax making waves this week started by a fear monger.  The hoax basically tells you to check your active sessions on Facebook and you will probably find there are active sessions using your account.  These “active sessions” are, in most cases, nothing more than the devices and browsers from which you have signed onto your account.  Some of them may list different cities you have not been to recently or possibly not at all.  While killing these active sessions will not really hurt anything, it will force you to log back into every computer and device over again the next time you use it.

The reason it may show different cities is the route your Internet traffic takes through an Internet provider will often show differently than your actual location. Most people will probably see a strange city or two on this list, although it is possible for your account to have been hacked.  I know at one point all Suddenlink customers showed they were in Tyler, Texas because that is where the IP addresses were registered.

My advice?  Skip all the nonsense about checking your sessions.  If you are concerned, my best advice would be to change your password. Even if you had been hacked, closing the session would only make them log back in using your same password so if you don’t change that, you’re wasting your time.   The active sessions mean almost nothing and if you change your password it takes care of it all in one shot.