Facebook Scam Ads

Recently several ads have been running on Facebook for seemingly great deals on new price break-through products.  One of the most common is a supposed awesome drone that is advertised around the $60 price range. The video clearly shows a high quality drone with objects being thrown at it, water poured on it, and other seemingly brutal tests.  The drone in the video is likely a DJI Mavic drone or another high-end machine.  The pictures on the websites (they masquerade as several different websites) show the drone with a gimble mounted camera with options of 720P, 1080P, and 4K cameras, a 5km range, and more.  In reality, the item they are shipping is a $20 toy indoor drone that is only about 2.5″ long and fits in the palm of your hand.

The item is nothing like the video or the website description.  This all appears to originate from a company called “Cicfun” so you can go to trustpilot.com and search for cicfun for the reviews.

I have noticed several other ads showing electronics such as a smart watch and others and they all seem to have the same things–videos showing really cool and impressive electronics with a link to a website.  Some of them are “dot-store” domains, but they all seem to have common elements such as only a few products, the ads on Facebook say they ship world-wide, and if you view the comments they are very active in responding to comments regarding shipping times.

Hopefully this will help shut down some of these scams.

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