Forget A Computer or Server Crash

We all fear that one day our computer(s) will crash and in many ways it would be like losing your home to a fire. Pictures, music, home video and other important data could be lost. In many cases people have brought computers to me and I was able to recover all or most of their important data. Sometimes it was not possible. But forget all that. A simple subscription to something like Carbonite could fix all that for just a few dollars a month–basically insurance. I had one customer whose office was burglarized several years ago and the thieves stole all the computers except the server, presumably because it was heavy and/or the cabling was making the getaway too complicated. One thing they also stole were the backup tapes the customer was not taking off-site as they were advised. Think about that–if they had stolen the server this customer would have lost every single piece of electronic data needed to run his business.

Another real threat would be something no one really thinks about. What if law enforcement shows up with a warrant and they confiscate your computers, external hard drives and other information. I’ve seen law enforcement confiscate cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras and any other media storage they can find and even after finding nothing, they MIGHT return your equipment to you a year later. Perhaps it’s a valid investigation or perhaps they have the wrong address, or someone with a vendetta is out to harm you and your business. What happens to all your files you need to run a small business? Suddenly you have no access to your accounting files or customer documents. Depending on how you use your email you may have it stored on your PC that was confiscated.

How would you continue your business? How quickly could you be back up and running? Forget natural disasters and hardware failures for a moment. What other threats should you be prepared for?