Zeny 12 inch x 15 inch Heat Press

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Size of the Press

I am frequently asked, “Is this heat press large enough?”

We have had ours for quite some time and I find the 12″ x 15″ platen to be plenty large enough.  I have only had a couple times where designs for large pillows had to be pressed then moved over a couple inches and pressed again. I’m a big guy, 6’5″ / 250lbs and wear 2XL shirts and have yet to make a design that was larger than the press for myself.  Most shirt designs are no more than 8-10″ wide, in most cases and most craft die-cutting machines such as Cricut and Silhouette can only cut up to 11-12″ wide, anyway.


This heat press comes with the regular 12″ x 15″ platen, as well as attachments for hats, mugs, and plates.  The mug and plate attachments are intended for sublimation rather than HTV.  The plate attachment may come in handy for HTV since it’s small and round.  It may be good for pressing HTV onto bags, backpacks or other items that may be odd-shaped compared to a t-shirt.  Some people have been using HTV on mugs, but I do not recommend it.  HTV adhesive is intended for textile application while adhesive vinyl such as ORACAL 651 is intended for solid surfaces.  The rumor that applying HTV to a mug makes it dishwasher save is not true as no vinyl is dishwasher safe.

Is it Made in the USA?

No, it is made in China.  There are obviously better quality presses available going up to several thousand dollars.  It’s highly unlikely you will find a new press that is Made in the USA for anywhere near this price range.  If you are looking for a heat press in this price range I would recommend this one every time over others because of the many people I have talked to and issues I have seen with other models that I have not seen with this one.

Teflon Sheets

While many heat presses come with a Teflon sheet attached, I recommend having separate sheets on hand to use with your press.  When using a heat press there is always a chance you will get something on the sheet that could be transferred to a garment unintentionally.  If you use separate sheets, you can simply discard it and use a new one.  Click here to purchase Teflon sheets.

Note: For the past few months many people have complained of difficulty while installing  the feet onto the press.  There was an issue and most people have been able to put them in from the top and thread them all the way through, then remove them and put them in from the bottom.  I have spoken to Zeny I’m told this was resolved and at least 2-3 people have confirmed after recent purchases.  Otherwise I have heard no complaints about the unit and our’s is working great.

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