Unemployment Fraud is a Real Issue Workers May Not Realize

As the country returns to work in the coming weeks, many businesses are faced with a shortage of employees because unemployment insurance is paying more than ever as part of the CARES Act resulting from COVID-19 shutdowns.  For those with legitimate reasons for not returning to work yet such as medical conditions, carrying for elderly, etc, there are ways to protect jobs such as FMLA and they should seek that protection through their employer’s Human Resources department. If someone is on unemployment and they are called back to work and they refuse without legitimate reason and without taking proper steps to protect themselves, according to regulations in put in place by the unemployment office, they must return to work or they are committing unemployment fraud. I fear many people are unaware of the situation they could be putting themselves in, both legally and financially.  At this point in time, few States are even addressing this issue and making unemployment recipients aware they could be placing themselves in jeopardy.

A couple weeks ago I started raising awareness surrounding the issues businesses will face with reopening and I think we’re starting to see what is going to happen while unemployment is paying a much higher rate than normal. This has been a blessing for many who are still not even making as much on unemployment insurance as those families would have been devastated based on the maximum benefit normally allowed.  I fear many businesses are going to make sacrifices, cuts, changes, and more to be able to pay much higher rates than they are capable of to entice workers to come to work. This will result in a long term loss of jobs and benefits and increase the stress levels on fewer numbers of employees among other things. If businesses have to make choices like this the long term effects will be devastating to our Country.  Employees will suffer, families will suffer, and consumers will suffer as prices skyrocket as businesses struggle to remain viable.

The Federal government should not provide bail-outs for poorly run States if those States are not publicizing their own policies and enforcing their own rules. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear should be paying attention and not pandering as he did in his press conference on May 14, 2020. If Governor Beshear is going to say “we’re following Whitehouse guidance” it needs to be done on all fronts, not selectively choose which policies they want to implement and enforce. Reckless spending while saying “They bailed out the States during the recession, they ought to do it now” is simply irresponsible when lack of enforcing policies at the State level is a large part of the issue.  Solving the problem starts at the State level, not at the Federal level.  If State Governments already know the rules at the Federal level, the State Governments should be held accountable for shortfalls resulting from lack of enforcement, which in my opinion, violates their oath of office and does a great disservice to citizens and businesses alike.  

Kentucky Deputy Secretary Josh Benton issued a memo on April 13, 2020 that states the following:

Read the Full Memo Here

Yahoo News: Administration Tells States To Yank Benefits From Those Who Won’t Return To Work

DailyWire.com: Steve Mnuchin: Employees Who Reject Offer To Resume Work Ineligible For Unemployment

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