Zeny 15 inch x 15 inch Clam Shell Press

This heat press was reviewed for a potential lower-cost alternative for basic use. I evaluated this press based on the merits of the press itself and not compared to other styles or models.

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Overall, I give this press an A-minus on a grade scale with the only point subtracted because the press has no feet on it, so I recommend it be placed on a non-slip pad. Otherwise the press was very easy to use and has some excellent features:


  • Arrives completely assembled and ready to use.
  • No burn-off of oils on the press required, no startup odor.
  • Very good instruction booklet.
  • Easy to use settings/controls very similar to the other press I recommend from Zeny.
  • Very heavy steel construction and impressive build.
  • Time automatically starts with lower/raise of platen.
  • Unit does not beep uncontrollably when maintaining temperature like many similar styles do.


  • No feet, I recommend putting it on a non-slip pad.
  • Can be very hot to work with garments on the platen while hot.

For those curious, I still like my 12″ x 15″ Swing Away Heat Press from Zeny, but I’m very impressed with this unit for the price and as a starter press.

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